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How to Assemble your Mannequin in 15 Easy Steps

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If you’ve ever wondered how to assemble a mannequin, then this info-graphic is for you! These timeless retail mannequins are for displaying your merchandises and truly an essential for many boutiques and small businesses. Follow along with the images below and you’ll be up and running with your mannequin in no time.

You can purchase the 3 Gloss White Female Abstract Egg Head Mannequins @

3 Gloss White Abstract Egg Head Mannequins

Once you’ve purchased your mannequin it will arrive in a box completely disassembled. If it’s your first time, you might not know where to start. Although some companies like Mannequin Mode provide a simple instruction guide with every mannequin most manufacturers do not. With the step by step guide below you’ll have your mannequin up in no time and with very little effort

Traditionally mannequins will come in 8 pieces: upper torso, leg and hip, leg, left and right arms, left and right hands and base. Once you open the box you'll want to lay all these pieces out on a soft flat surface to avoid scratching the finish.  Please see the below Installation Instruction.  You will also receive the Installation Instruction with your Mannequin Mode's Mannequin.  The instruction will be within the carton with the base.


If you need more assistance with assembling your mannequin.  Please click on the below video for more assistance.

Once you’re finish you’re ready to dress your mannequin. Stay turned for our next blog, the subject will be "Professional Tips: On How to Dress Mannequins".

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