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Headless Mannequins

These Headless display mannequins are great for retail stores or boutiques. Each dummy is durably constructed from fiberglass for many years of use. These headless display mannequins, such as headless dummies and store displays, can help increase sales. The female, male, and children  full-body form helps to create an attractive store presentation to lure shoppers into your store. These store fixtures, display mannequins have a sleek design which gives them a sophisticated style. As a result, these female, male and children dummies can be used in any high-end boutique or department store. These display mannequins that are perfectly proportioned will exhibit any apparel in style. In addition to exhibiting clothing, these store body forms can exhibit the newest shoe collection or handbag. These clothing store dummies, display mannequins that have a gloss white, matte white, various colors finish allow apparel to stand out from the doll.

This store fixture display will bring your clothing to life making it look attractive. These display mannequins that have detachable arms, hands, right leg and upper body are easy to dress by store staff. Therefore, outfits can be updated monthly and even weekly to show the latest fashion. These headless display mannequins are sold with a calf and foot rod to provide users with many display options. These female, male and children dummies also come with a shiny chrome metal base to keep the unit in place and prevent them from falling over in busy retail environments. Display mannequins will ship knocked down to lower the shipping costs. The entire unit is relatively easy to set up.

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