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45 Must Have Outstanding Athletic Sports Mannequins!

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Why Sports Mannequins so popular now?

Sports mannequins are a key part of your athletic display. Whether in a retail window or in the middle of a store, a mannequin advertises how flattering and fashionable the fitness wear will appear on the body. Every single article of clothing looks better on a realistic physique than on a hanger. When customers see the merchandise displayed in three dimensions, they can visualize how well the clothes will look on their own bodies in real life. Nothing induces a shopping spree like a positive, flattering image inside the shopper’s mind.

Sports Mannequins

Female and Male Runners

Sports mannequins are the perfect prop for exhibiting sports gear and gym wear. Mannequin Mode features a diverse selection of mannequins relating to every sport as well as casual gym-goers. Made of high-quality fiberglass, each sports mannequin is built to last. Their realistic athletic poses make your display come to life, grabbing and holding customers’ attention and inviting them to shop.

Our male and female sports mannequins come in many different heights, sizes, and colors. From realistic to abstract faces, male and female physiques, athletic to muscular builds, our collection covers the entire spectrum. Most mannequins are offered in white, black, gray, or fleshtone. Their bodies are easily taken apart and reassembled for an efficient dressing process. If you need muscular football player physiques to show off your sports gear collection or graceful female mannequins in yoga poses to showcase your latest fitness wear, we have just the sports mannequins for you. Our assortment includes male mannequins in basketball, football, golf, and soccer poses. Our female physiques hold yoga and gymnastics poses. Others appear to be running or stand in casual stances, fit for any kind of athletic gear. No matter what type of sports clothing you retail, we have the best mannequins to display your merchandise.

Football Players

Football Player

Headless Sports Mannequins

Silver Headless Sports Mannequins

Male Baskball Player

Male Runner

Male Runner

Soccer Player

Soccer Player

Yoga Poses

Female Runner

Silver Female Sports Mannequins

Mannequin Mode offers a variety of retail store fixtures and retail store supplies including but not limited to sports mannequins, mannequins, dress forms, body forms, racks, display tables, and display cubes. For customer service, please feel free to contact us at (347) 453-2931 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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