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Fiberglass Mannequins vs. Plastic Mannequins which one should you buy?

Fiberglass Mannequins vs. Plastic Mannequins which one should you buy?

Mannequin Mode on 24th Jun 2017

This is one of our most popular questions. Below, we have made a highly detailed comparison between the two mannequin materials. Please note that while the following applies to our mannequins it may not necessarily reflect on those sold by another company.



Fiberglass is the hands-down winner in looks. In the realistic mannequins, it looks the most realistic.  Our plastic mannequins are also pretty realistic and outstanding (as in the picture above) however - at least to us - Fiberglass mannequin is the clear winner in the looks department.


Our fiberglass mannequins are a bit more expensive than many of our plastic ones. However, there are some plastic mannequins, such as our chrome line, which costs more than fiberglass (the chrome coating is expensive to make). Virtually unbreakable faceless female mannequins, made of durable plastic. Head can turn to any angle.


We call our plastic line - Unbreakable Mannequins. Plastic mannequins can take quite a bit of abuse and not show it at all. The materials used in the plastic mannequins are more environmentally friendly due to the fact that they are recyclable. At the end of the mannequin’s life cycle, it can then be broken up to small plastic pieces to be reconstructed into another mannequin, or other plastic goods.

The fiberglass mannequins, while quite strong, are still more delicate than the plastic mannequins. Extensive abuse can lead to scruff marks (most of which can be rubbed off) or even chipping. Fiberglass is the standard material used in the creation of gorgeous mannequins that help retailers sell their products and create fascinating designs and windows displays.

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Our plastic mannequins are made to allow the head and arms to rotate (360°!). The fiberglass parts are set and cannot be altered from the position we show them in.

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The base for the plastic mannequins attaches through the calf, while that of the fiberglass mannequins offers a choice to connect through the calf or heel. Additionally, the base of the plastic mannequins is made of glass, while that of the fiberglass is made of brushed steel.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a material for mannequins, at Mannequin Mode, we offer a wide selection of color, style, and poses of mannequins at a competitive price.

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