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The Hidden Secrets about "Ghost Mannequins" -- You need to know!

The Hidden Secrets about "Ghost Mannequins" -- You need to know!

12th Nov 2017

With the help of ghost mannequin photography, you can easily showcase the unique features of your garments, the clothing style and the quality of the material. However, although this may seem like an easy job in your eyes, it is actually a heavily technical process and it needs some knowledge and experience using Photoshop.

In the online fashion industry, competition between retailers is very high, due to the fast growth of this industry. Therefore, everyone tries to get better, to get closer to their customers, and to have a better knowledge of their customers’ needs. Therefore, one of the things that you can do to help your customers get a better shopping experience is using ghost mannequin photography. This attracts more customers to your online store and helps you generate more sales from returning shoppers.

Because we all know that even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference, we need to acknowledge the importance of preparation in the process of ghost mannequin photography. This is a step that can help you create the perfect flawless image of your garment.

That's why we focused on offering you not just one option, but several ghost mannequins with multiple features set so you can get the right one for your budget and needs.

Matte White Ghost Female Torso with Base Item #MM-TFW-1V

Casper 4, Matte White Male Ghost Mannequin Torso with Base Item #MM-TMW-IVG

Kat, Invisible Female Ghost Mannequin Item #MM-GH01

Casper 1, Invisible Male Ghost Mannequin Item #MM-GH03

Sara, Invisible Female Ghost Mannequin Item #MM-GH05

Please review the video on how to use Sara, Fiberglass Invisible Female "Ghost" Mannequin Item #MM-GH05

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