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Chrome Plastic Male Egg Head Mannequin MM-PSSM1SCEG

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Product Description

Virtually Unbreakable Male Abstract Egg Head Mannequin (Chrome) with moveable head. Faceless Mannequin made of heavy duty plastic.  

Male Plastic Mannequin,with turn-able egghead and turn-able arms. Plastic full size male mannequin is durable and long lasting. Perfect for trade shows where you need to constantly setup, breakdown and move the mannequin around. One mannequin, two uses with magnetic head and cap. Can be used as egghead and headless mannequin.

Glass Base included with calf rod. Detachable arms, hands and torso to make the mannequin easy to dress.

Measurement: Bust 38" x Waist 27.5" x Hips 36" x Ht. 6'2"