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Dakota, Matte Black Abstract Yoga Egg Head Female Mannequin MM-YOGA6BK

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Product Description

Female mannequin with abstract faceless features, practicing yoga in wide-legged forward bend with hands in Namaste with metal round base. Made of fiberglass. Detachable arms, hands and torso make them easy to dress.  You can sell more athletic wear when using mannequins in active poses like this one. We have a variety of sports mannequins for all your display needs. Sports mannequins are mannequins that come in various action poses recreating the act of playing a sport or activity. The sports female mannequins that we have at Mannequin Mode cover a wide range of sports from running to yoga. These female mannequins are high-quality products that will look great for years to come. They are great for retailers or companies looking to show off sports and workout clothing. These beautiful mannequins are ready to be your models!


Bust 33" x Waist 25" x Ht. 33.5"