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Flexible Foam Female Mannequin MM-JF-F01SOFTX+JF-VENLY

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Product Description

Female foam body with wire armature and jersey fabric cover. Female full body form, cream color with flexible Arms, fingers and Fiberglass head. Flexible ankles and legs to easily display footwear, straight pinnable. Bendable arms and legs can be adjusted to any flex position. The mannequin can sit or stand. Square Base and rod included.

Instead of a round base, it is now a square base that is also wider and heavier than the round base. This adds a lot of stability to the mannequin. Whereas the old design could tilt over if pushed, the new design will be difficult to knock over.

Measurement: Bust 31" x Waist 24" x Hips 32" x Ht. 5'5"