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Flexible Realistic Child Posable Mannequin MM-KMY-R

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Product Description

Fiberglass Realistic Flexible Articulated Child Mannequin with a glass base. This is a realistic child posable mannequin with movable joints.

Including Glass base + waist support. This child flexible mannequin can sit, stand or make the mannequin pose in any way you want to. This is one great choice for a flexible realistic posable mannequin especially if you are looking for one that is stable and standing.

This kid mannequin is great for displaying children's clothing line, toys and much more.

The Child Realistic Flexible Mannequins comes in ages: 3 Year Old and 6 Year Old


3 Year Old
Shoulder: 10.5 in
Bust: 21.5 in
Waist: 20 in
Hip: 23 in
Height: 37 in
Foot: 6.5 in

6 Year Old
Shoulder: 12.5 in
Bust: 23.5 in
Waist: 22 in
Hip: 26 in
Height: 45 in
Foot: 7 in

*All Posable Mannequins are non-refundable. We have had issues in the past with some customers using our posable mannequins for 1 photo shoot and returning them after. All Posable Mannequin purchases are final sale. Thank you for your understanding.