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Free Shipping Used Glossy Purple Abstract Female Mannequin MM-165PUR

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Product Description

Please click on the image to see the damages on the mannequin. Free Shipping Used/Damaged Fiberglass Abstract Mannequin (Gloss Purple). The figure is designed with detachable arms, hands, and torso to simplify the dressing process. Set on a steel metal base with calf and foot support so that shoes can be displayed. Made from fiberglass to provide strength and lightweight portability.

Eye Catching Abstract Female Mannequin.

Measurement: Bust 32" x Waist 25" x Hips 34" x Ht. 5'11"


Only 1 available at this price. This is a BRAND NEW mannequin in less than perfect condition. There is a scuff mark on tip of nose, scratch above eye, and scuff mark on foot. This mannequin had been assembled on the base once, so there are some light scuff marks on the base.But the mannequin is fully operational and functions as intended.

 Sold as is condition. Non-refundable item.