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Glass Base for Mannequin MM-GLASSBASE

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Product Description

Rectangular tempered glass base is made for our full size plastic mannequins. Comes with the calf rod only. Rod is 0.4" (1 cm) wide and is commonly used with plastic mannequins. It most likely will be too small for fiberglass mannequins. 

This is not a universal base and may not fit your mannequin. The calf rod will fit 90% of plastic mannequins manufactured overseas but is not guaranteed to fit your mannequin's calf opening or have the same angle. Please make sure your mannequin has an opening wide enough to fit the 0.4" (1cm) rod.


If you're unsure if this will fit your plastic mannequin, best way is to check these 2 things:
1. Your mannequin has a calf rod opening that is 0.4" (1cm) wide.
2. The calf opening's height is around 6-10" off the ground.

Please call before purchasing this glass base.




Base 16.75" x 12"
Rod 10.25" L x 0.4" D (1 cm)
Including the bottom flange/cap, overall vertical height of rod is about 11" tall.