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Grace, Matte White Abstract Egg Head Female Mannequin MM-GS7W2

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Product Description

Fiberglass Matte White Abstract Egg Head Female Mannequin with removable heel and round metal base with 2 support rods (Calf and Foot Rods). Detachable arms, hands, torso and one leg to make the mannequin easy to dress. Egg Head Mannequin with new high heel feet feature(removable heel).

Meet Grace! She's one of Mannequin Mode's best selling mannequins. Why? This 6'0" abstract mannequin loves to be the center of attention. Her sassy figure can make any outfit a headliner! Made of matte white fiberglass, this boutique mannequin will help any store owner showcase their latest fashions. Grace glows under the spotlight. She can strike a competitive pose from open till close!

Measurement: Bust 33" x Waist 24.5" x Hips 35" x Ht. 6'0"