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Nanci 2, Fiberglass Plus Size Headless Female Mannequin Gloss White MM-NANCIBW2

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Product Description

Fiberglass Plus Size Headless Female Mannequin (Gloss White). Detachable arms, hands and torso to make the mannequin easy to dress. Headless mannequin with high heel feet feature and Round Metal Base included.

There is a growing demand for plus-size models and clothing, so also for mannequins. Communication in advertisement is trying to present a more realistic view of today’s world.

Using a headless mannequin allows retailers to highlight a great outfit while customers can imagine themselves wearing it! Here at Mannequin Mode, we have an array of headless mannequins, including this fiberglass female mannequin with a gloss white finish.

Measurement: Bust 41" x Waist 32" x Hips 43" x Ht. 5'5"