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Lebron, Athletic Matte Grey Male Basketball Player Mannequin MM-HEF66EG

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Product Description

Fiberglass Abstract Male Mannequin (Matte Grey). The figure is designed with detachable arms, hands, and torso to simplify the dressing process. Features include easy to use magnetic arm couplings. Set on a brushed steel base with calf and foot support so that shoes can be displayed. Made from fiberglass to provide strength and lightweight portability.

Eye Catching Male Abstract Mannequin, Athletic Style. Strong and muscular body,Basketball Player pose. He's perfect for your sporting displays.

Using a abstract mannequin allows retailers to highlight a great outfit while customers can imagine themselves wearing it! Here at Mannequin Mode, we have an array of abstract mannequins, including this fiberglass male mannequin with a matte grey finish.

Measurement: Bust 40.5" x Waist 32.5" x Shoulder 21" x Ht.(to top of extended arms): 8ft 3ins

 Quick Description:

  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • Athletic physique in action pose
  • Abstract/egg head style
  • Color - Matte Grey
  • Detachable arms, hands, and torso
  • Brushed Metal base with calf supports.
  • Easy-use magnetic arm sockets
  • Chest - 40.5"
  • Waist - 32.5"
  • Shoulder - 21"
  • Foot 10"
  • Height(to top of extended arms): 8ft 3ins
  • Packed in two Cartons