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One Day Rental -- Gloss White Abstract Female Mannequin MM-A3W1R

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Usually ship in 24-48 hours
$75.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Description


We rent mannequins within the 50 States only.  We rent  maximum of 6 mannequins per customer.  We offer a daily and weekly rates.  If you need to rent the mannequin longer than a day, please click on the Rental Form.

1 Day Rental $215.00 for each mannequin

$35.00 Additional Day Rental for each mannequin - Please click on the Rental Form.

1 Week Rental $240.00 for each mannequin - Please click on the Rental Form.

The Mannequin you will be renting is a Gloss White Fiberglass Abstract Female Mannequin. Display Mannequin faceless and, bold head. Detachable arms, hands and torso make them easy to dress.  Including round base + foot support + calf support.

Measurement: Bust 33" x Waist 35" x Hip 35" x Height 6' 

Color: Gloss White


This Rental Order, subject to the conditions noted below:

1. Order must be paid in full before shipping date.

 2. Returned Mannequin(s) must be in its original carton(s) and packed completely with all parts.


     -Mannequin, Base, Foot Rod, Calf Rod, Screws and Nuts.


     -Please do not put tape or paint on the mannequin(s) or base(s).


 3. Product Condition:


 Rental items must be returned in the same condition as they were shipped. They must be in original packaging such as cartons, packing materials, wrappers or boxes and not be defaced in any way such as markings, tape, paint, broken, cracked or any other type of damage, you will be charged a Damaged Recovery Charge. This charge is for any major damage that incurred from misuse of items by the client renting those (broken or missing parts, including bases). We understand that items get used and minor scratches can happen, and this charge will incur only if an item can no longer be rented in good standing. If items are not received in proper conditions, there will be a damaged recovery fee applied to your order based on amount of damage.

 4. Customer is responsible for paying & shipping the Mannequin(s) back to us.


 Note: Mannequin Mode will charge your credit card for the full amount of the mannequin plus the shipping and handling one way.


 Please call Mannequin Mode Customer Service Department (347)453-2931 or fax (718) 228-3666. If you have any questions regarding our rental policy.