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Silver-Toned Square Metal Base for Mannequin with 0.5" D Calf & Sole Rod

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Product Description

Heavy square brushed metal base is made for full size adult mannequins. Also includes a sole rod and a calf rod attachment that inserts over the sole rod. Rod is 0.5" wide.

This is not a universal base and may not fit your mannequin. The sole rod will fit any mannequin that has a hole on the bottom of the foot with an opening that is wider than the rod. The calf rod will fit 90% of mannequins manufactured overseas but is not guaranteed to fit your mannequin's calf opening or have the same angle. Please make sure your mannequin has a base opening wide enough to fit the rod.


13.75" x 13.75" Base, 0.5" D Rod

Including the bottom flange, overall vertical height of rod is roughly about 14" tall.