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Pat, Fiberglass Athletic Abstract Egg Head Matte Black Female Running Mannequin MM-PB4BK02

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Product Description

Fiberglass Abstract Egg Female Mannequin (Matte Black). Detachable magnetic arms, hands, one leg and torso to make the mannequin easy to dress. Square Glass Base included with fittings in her lower calf so that shoes can be displayed.

Eye Catching Female Abstract Egg Female Mannequin, Athletic Style. This beautifully crafted mannequin has an athletic and toned body that will make your female sports clothing fly off the shelves because they'll look so good on this female sports mannequin. She's perfect for your sporting displays.

Using a Abstract Egg Head Mannequin allows retailers to highlight a great outfit while customers can imagine themselves wearing it! Here at Mannequin Mode, we have an array of abstract mannequins, including this fiberglass female mannequin with a matte black finish.

Measurement: Bust 34" x Waist 26" x Hips 35.5 x Ht. 68"